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Thinking about becoming a syndicate lead?
You can get started before you have a deal in mind. Once you're approved, your profile can be shown in the directory and you can start building your list of investors.

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What is a Syndicate?A syndicate is a group of investors that pool their capital to invest into deals. Creating a syndicate
allows you to create deals and invite LPs to invest on a deal-by-deal basis.
How much does it cost?It’s free to create a syndicate. On your first deal there is a $500 onboarding fee. For each deal (SPV), we charge 4% setup & 2%/pa (pro-rated across LPs) to
cover all the back office work tied to managing the SPV.
Who sees my syndicate profile?Anyone you invite to join your syndicate can see your profile. If your syndicate is public, anyone can view your syndicate profile page and investors can discover your syndicate in our directory.
Should I make my syndicate public? 
If you want to grow your investor network, you should make your syndicate public. When you set your syndicate to public, investors can apply to your syndicate via our syndicate directory. You can adjust your profile privacy settings at any time.